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goodbye 2017

2017 flew by absurdly fast. Last year I was looking for a way to start fresh, wanting to focus on a project, something, anything to take up space in my mind. I spent one second each day recording a moment and now I have a collective from each day of the year in 2017, a rare, strange project that resulted in the most comprehensive chronicling of a year I've ever had.

Let's dig in:


The best thing about January was knowing I was headed out of the cold and into a project, the effects of which are still being felt a year later. I took off to Phoenix, AZ with NPR's Next Gen Radio and produced a story about Navajo Language Preservation. 


February 2017

Hung out with my friend who moved into my parent's house with me, started a new job


MARCH 2017

This is what I lovingly refer to as the turning point in my year. I genuinely had a good time in March, taking a trip with my soon-to-be roommate and felt positivity in a way I hadn't in months


APRIL 2017

Got my motorcycle license, took a trip to Bryce Canyon, soaked up the first sunshine of the year 


MAY 2017

Graduated college, battled depression, picked up a photography side gig, got addicted to BREATH OF THE WILD YES


JUNE 2017

Learned some magic tricks, reconnected with old friends and rescued Ruby the pup

JULY 2017

Spent the 4th in Huntington Beach, started the job search again (Also, this was a month that I messed up and kept forgetting to record each day so I recorded one single day, July 26th, in seconds)


Spent time with the fam, learned to cook a few new things, but most importantly: Accepted a job offer and moved across the country!

September 2017

Started a new job in a new place, slept on an air mattress for a few weeks, made some new friends

October 2017

Turned 24 on Friday the 13th, October 13th, shared some #KatFacts with the world

NOvember 2017

Participated in an AAJA Event for Startups, hosted my first Utah friend in DC, cried over spilt milk

December 2017

My cousin got married and I returned home to see the fam for the holidays and closed out the year with my best friend. Check out my last video of the year here.

Rewatching these videos definitely made me emotional. Often, we don't think about the small moments that make up our lives and this helped me not only chronicle my 2017, but remember the seconds that made me smile throughout the year. I highly recommend attempting it and I'll continue this project into 2018 on Instagram. #katonesecondrecaps

Katherine K. Ellis