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new york, ny

I never lived there, but I miss it all the time. Any time I visited, I could imagine myself living there, walking the streets every day, soaking up grime and ambition in equal parts. I still pay attention to the city quite a bit. I watch flights from SLC to NYC to see when is an opportune time to visit. I follow several Instagram accounts that post from there. I always click on articles that show up in my feed mentioning this enchanting city I was never a part of. 

This article was one of them. I tend to romanticize experiences far beyond their actual potential and I fully realize living in New York isn't ever going to be what I imagine, but posts like this just confirm that eventually, I'll get there. I have to.

No city has ever taunted and teased me so while still managing to inspire me to work even harder to earn it. 72 denied job applications later, I still want it. I don't care how many times it says no, I'll come back again and again until finally, I will be a part of it: New York, New York.