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florida recap

There were too many great things to include in the video so I decided to resume blogging like I used to. I went back to my old blog (#RIP) and realized I had forgotten about past trips and old photos that don't exist anywhere but there now. I loved that. I had a chronicling of these experiences and am going to try and be better at it in the future. I mean, that's why I blogged in the first place, to be able to look back at what I was doing and the photos I took.

That said, come on a little journey with me back to paradise. I gotta say, it was mostly the company I kept, but this was one of the best trips I've ever taken.

We took the train out from Manhattan to JFK which I've never done. I hardly ever fly into New York anymore, the bus or train is just easier now and whenever I did in the past, I assumed a cab was faster. But depending on traffic, you're looking at a much cheaper way to get into Manhattan for almost the same amount of time if you use public transit.

Con and I have known each other for more than four years and have never flown together. Traveling is something we both love and to finally share that experience was pretty emotional (as you may have witnessed in the video) and I can't wait for more trips together.

We arrived at our hotel and Con was worried our view would be obstructed by a palm tree because we didn't realize the bottom floors of this place are actually residences? People live here?? We were thrilled to open our door and arrive to this view. 


Things are a little out of order and hazy, that's what happens when you try to go back and recount the many amazing experiences you had but I'm not gonna worry about it now, I'm just going to post some photos of fun things we did.

We scheduled a sail for one of the days. I'd never been sailing before but the weather that day was cloudy and looked like it would storm pretty bad. Our guides took us out as far as we could go before the water got too choppy but we still had a good time.


We ate at this lovely crepe place and enjoyed a bike ride down the sleepy, warm streets of Ft. Lauderdale.




We had access to a stovetop and dishes in our room and made several of our meals. This quesadilla number was a hit as was our favorite snack to take to the beach: cucumber, pesto + cream cheese finger sandwiches. We saved a ton of money by cooking our own meals, plus it was just a fun thing to do together.

Haha, we had this running joke where the elevator would come to the 14th floor (the FOURTEENTH!) so fast we couldn't take a picture before it got there. The result was a few instances when we beat the elevator, snapping our mirror selfies just in time.


Last night :( We went out for Italian food per the recommendation of the hotel bartender. When we told him where we were originally planning on going he said, "Um do you have a plan b?" to which the lady next to us burst out laughing. So then we asked him where he thought we should go and he sent us off to a place with real authentic Italian food and random Italian films playing on the tvs around the restaurant. Con and I were laughing so hard at our dinner because we had bread to start, mac & cheese with bread crumbs as an appetizer and each ordered pasta for our meal. It still kills me, haha. "Yes we'd like to start with bread, then we'll have pasta with bread on it next and then finish it all off with two more bready pastas."

All packed and not at all ready to go home. As tough as it was to leave, it was even harder to come back to rain and cold in our respective cities. We still joke about the trip, whenever things get stressful or difficult at work we talk about just dropping everything and buying a residence at our hotel and just staying there forever.

We've been lucky to have such fun and warm shared experiences and though this won't be the last time we travel together, it'll definitely be the one to beat.



Katherine K. Ellis