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I used to think being a badass meant having to be hard. In order to have your presence felt, you have to be loud and sure and confident at any given moment. 

I thought that I couldn’t be a boss if I wasn’t dominant or visceral. That every time I have to clear my throat and project more to be heard across the room, I distanced myself from success. 

I’ve battled a lot of my natural tendencies thinking people wouldn’t take me seriously because my voice goes up several octaves when I’m excited about something or perceiving me as dumb because I smile a lot. 

What I’ve learned though, is that these qualities, these things that make me who I am, are absolutely my strengths. I can make friends anywhere, with anyone, at anytime. My warmth connects me with people who know I’m genuinely interested in their passions. My smile has made people feel welcome and included.

Laura Brown, EIC of InStyle, posted about how her enthusiasm and personality are key to her success and she’s one of the most vibrant people I’ve seen in the industry. In a video for BumbleBizz, she says, “know that your personality is enough.”

In a world where it seems the cutthroat and cold get it all, I have realized the power I hold as an expressive person. I shouldn’t be dimming my personality because of these perceptions. And learning to accept myself for who I am? 

That’s pretty bad ass.



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Katherine K. Ellis