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slc march for refugees

I've never been to a march before. I didn't go to the Women's March earlier this year but was so overwhelmed by the response across the nation.

I don't profess to be a photographer; it's really just a hobby that I enjoy, but today I woke up and took my camera with me to try and capture how it felt to be at the Utah March for Refugees. This Saturday was so warm, the sky so blue and clear and the voices that rang out through downtown shouting, "No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here!" sent chills down my spine. It was incredible to document something so near and dear to me as the daughter of an immigrant and refugee. 

I hope that through some of my photos you can get an idea for just how many people showed up to this march and expressed their love and support for those who may feel uncertain about their future at this time.

I'm not often proud of my home state but the unity, support and overwhelming love I felt today has left me invigorated, renewed and aware of people here who believe in the same kind of acceptance I do.



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